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“Don't Get Close - She Has a Disease!”

When you're young and in school, the only disease you're worried about catching is the "cooties". But in my case, it was real..

"I had Eczema (also known as dermatitis)..."

The eczema first started showing up in visible places like my hands and elbows. During the winter I could hide the ugly skin with long sleeves. But, summer soon came around I had to stop wearing long sleeved shirts.

That is when the gossip and whispers started. There were a lot of concerned looks from parents and people who wondered if I was being abused at home because of all the red, irritated patches on my skin. The truth was that there was something wrong with me..


Got Blotchy Red Skin?

  • Dry, scaly patches with oozing
  • Horrible itching that continues to come back
  • Skin that heals but then develops eczema again

I am a skin care specialist and have a medical background but I wanted to be absolutely possitive that I wasn't missing something. I took my son to a dermatologist. But the doctor did what I expected.. he gave us a creams and ointments to use as our eczema treatment. 

But I knew the truth..

“Some of Those Creams and Chemicals Work For Awhile. But The Eczema Always Came Back Even WORSE!”

 So.. I took it upon myself to help find a treatment for eczema that actually worked. My son was depending on my to find an eczema cure that would end his itchiness and unsightly skin once and for all!


How I Helped Cure My Son's Eczema - Naturaly!”

 I knew from my experience with eczema that the real cause is NOT the skin. It is a deep issue with the immune system that makes your skin react and flare up when in contact with allergens and common items.

Like everyone else I really hoped that all the chemicals and creams and ointments would work, but deep down I knew they wouldn't because they were just masking the problem!


“Since the problem is INSIDE your body - doesn't it make sense that the ECZEMA CURE would beINSIDE your body, too?”  

So I turned to all my education in natural healing to find good herbal eczema remedies that worked. I needed to find and create an eczema remedy that would permanently get rid of the red, itchy, scaly, and dry skin.


“I had no idea what I found would make his eczema dissapear.. but it also got rid of it PERMANENTLY!

eczema remedies

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eczema treatment

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eczema treatment

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eczema treatment

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The Guide to the Natural Eczema Cure

If you’ve literally been itching to get the best treatment for eczema, it might be high time for you to try a different approach and get an eczema treatment that actually works. Like others who are afflicted with this common skin disorder, you have probably spent countless hours in your dermatologist’s clinic and have shaved off dollars from your monthly budget on various dermatologic preparations just to get relief from the itching and redness caused by eczema. Yet, while you get temporary eczema remedies, you find that these eczema treatments don't do much for you. Unless you get rid of the allergens that are the eczema causes, you are likely to go through the same experience over and over again. Click here to download the 3 step guide


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The Only Real Eczema Cure

The most effective eczema remedies are the ones that addresses your condition both inside and out. You have got to put your foot down now if you want to have a permanent eczema cure solution to your skin irritation problem. Since the dermatological preparations have not given you any permanent eczema relief, it might be time for you to try out another approach. It would be worth your while to check out the all natural eczema treatment formula is what you need.

I understand the frustration you feel. He himself has gone through the same afflictions. This spurred him to try and understand everything he could about eczema in children and adults, medically known as dermatitis, and then find a permanent eczema cure for it. He put everything together in his ebook “Cure Your Eczema Forever, Naturally” so that others like him could benefit from his own research. Through rigorous research and trial and error, Schiffner has found a permanent eczema cure . Click here to download the 3 step guide


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“This is Finally an All Natural Eczema Treatment to Relieve Eczema Symptoms and Treat Eczema

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About the Treatment for Eczema

Eczema skin is also known as atopic dermatitis. It is a skin disorder that is characterized by itching that you cannot help but scratch resulting in red and inflamed skin. In some cases, blisters, spots, and scaly skin forms on top of the skin inflammation. This kind of skin disorder is believed to develop in people who have atopic tendencies or those whose skin is overly sensitive to certain allergens. This kind of condition is also believed to be hereditary. Eczema skin could manifest at any stage in one’s life but the initial manifestation is often experienced from birth until about age 5. People with this skin condition experience breakouts on and off through the years. The breakouts are usually triggered by allergens. These allergens differ from one person to another and is not easy to identify. Some common allergens include soaps and detergents, wooly fabric, dust, weather conditions or temperature changes, food, and stress among others. The eczema cure that is often prescribed by dermatologists depend on the type of eczema and the allergens that caused the facial eczema. But don't dispare, there are eczema treatments that are available and are the best natural eczema treatment in existence.


Download the Guide to Your Eczema Treatment

When you find out how you could identify the triggers of your eczema skin then you can successfully work towards eliminating your eczema symptoms. Or if this is not entirely possible, as in the case of weather changes, you will learn how you can deal with these circumstances so that you will not have an eczema on hands breakout. Schiffner also has a home-salve that you can concoct on your own as an eczema cure to ease your skin condition. It is an all natural eczema cream. You'll even learn ways on how to manage your stress levels so that it does not trigger eczema causes. Schiffner’s step-by-step presentation makes it easy for you to take matters into your own hands and finally put your foot down against eczema for good. This eczema cure beats all other eczema treatments out there because its NATURAL and it lasts. Eczema creams are easy and simple to use for treating eczema. Try out the psoriasis treatment before you go crazy with itching!


Learning About the Best Dermatits Treatment / Best Eczema Cure 

Learning how to treat eczema is not hard. Our skin comprises the largest part of our body. It functions as a protective barrier, regulates heat and colds temperature, fluid balance and sensory perception. It contains melanin that protects us from the heat of the sun that may cause cancer pursuant to prolonged exposure. Being blown wide open, it is prone to injury, trauma, burns, peeling off and a wide variety of skin diseases, although it protects us from the breaking in of a microorganism that may enter inside our body. Just ballancing these things out is an effective dermatitis treatment.

There are many types of skin diseases but facial eczema is one of the most prevailing dermatological and dermatitis illnesses. Its signs and symptoms are burning sensation, itch, redness and inflammation. Eczema may come along upon contact to an allergen such as latex, dust, chemical and many more. Atopic dermatitis is the type where the skin becomes very itchy that can cause redness, swelling and inflammation due to prolonged and heavy going scratching. There are times that the skin may break down, crack and may heal temporarily. This kind of dermatitis is more likely taking up with low immunity. Being immunocompromised, our skin becomes easily infected can lead to serious infection. There are a number of things that you can do that are great remedies for eczema. Avoiding the things that may serve as an allergen may prevent the incident of repeated eczema rash. Which is why so many people are looking for an eczema cure. Soaps, dust, powder, detergent and other chemicals are the common things that can trigger your itch attack. Having a cool environment can prevent building up of perspiration. Stress or being exhausted can be a major factor of having this illness such as emotional stress like family problems, economical stress such as financial troubles and above and beyond. So try the natural eczema treatment / dermatitis treatment and see what it does for you!

There are a lot of ways to find an eczema cure. If you are having the signs and eczema symptoms, you may consult your doctor for him to prescribe you the right eczema treatment according to your age. Most eczema treatments can last up to three weeks. If eczema symptoms persist, you will be having a more potent drug for your eczema skin problem. Ointment, corticosteroids and creams are the common dermatitis treatment. Corticosteroids to fight for its inflammation, eczema cream and ointment as antibiotics. Those may be available over the counter, but it is better to have the right prescription from your doctor because they tend to present stronger cure for your illness.
 Don't delay in trying these treatments for eczema..


A Natural Cure for Eczema

What is eczema? Eczema is a skin condition that seems to never go away – no matter what you do. In fact, the treatments for eczema that are currently being prescribed merely treat the symptoms, and thus when the treatment stops, the itchiness and discomfort starts up again. Is this just another way for pharmaceuticals and laboratories to ensure they have a constant stream of customers for their products?

What is important for a person suffering with normal or infant eczema is to seek medical attention for the correct psoriasis treatment before trying to find one on your own. You need to make sure that your eczema rash is not the result of an allergic reaction to something.

Its important to realize that there is a natural cure and treatment for eczema you can use to treat eczema from the house after your doctor has seen your condition. 



Benefits of Natural Eczema Cures 

Well first off, what causes eczema? Eczema is a form of dermatitis and psoriasis that basically causes your skin to become inflamed and break out when around certain allergens resulting in itchiness and dryness. The scientific definition is more thoroughly descriptive than that, but that is just a shortened version. A large number of people have the condition and are looking for cures for eczema, and then with the ever increasing cost of antibiotics and corticosteroids, many people really need natural remedies for eczema. There are a lot of methods of taking care of the itchiness and swelling, despite the fact that the real cause of Eczema is debatable. It is definitely linked to having a weak immune system. We will discuss some natural remedies for Eczema.


Eczema Diet

One course of action is to increase your intake of healthy fats. Supplementing your eczema diet with fish oils and some evening primrose oil capsules often end up being the best eczema cures. These healthy fats help reduce inflammation throughout your entire body not just in your skin. So this reduction in inflammation will help your eczema rash and it will also help inflammation in other areas such as your joints. If you eat a predominately western diet then your diet is inflammatory by nature because of the high intake of dairy and gluten. That’s not the best eczema diet. So supplementing with evening primrose oil and fish oil caps can help balance this inflammation out to some degree. Both of these supplements contain essential fatty acids and are easily found at supplement stores and can be an effective psoriasis treatment. Check out the quality of the fish oil before purchasing though, as there is a big difference in the qualities of various fish oils.

Changing around your diet is another way to help reduce eczema outbreaks. You need to consume plenty of fruit, vegetables, and fatty fish. Vitamins A, B, and C will strengthen your immune system and overall health in general. Fruits and vegetables have high doses of all these vitamins and eating the fatty fish will ensure you are getting plenty of the aforementioned essential fatty acids. If you think you are lacking or could use more vitamins, a good whole food-based vitamin could definitely help. The B-vitamins in general will help with daily energy and are also used in cell repair. Since they are water-soluble there is no worry in taking too many B-vitamins. But there is a ceiling to their absorption rate so you will want to break up the doses throughout the day. This is also affective for eczema in babies.

eczema remedies


Cures for Eczema

Supplementing with vitamin D can help your body maintain its moisture level. This is probably a good idea considering your other source is the sun, and it’s not necessarily a good idea to expose the body part being affected by eczema to the sun.

Tea Tree oil is something else you can use to help repair the damaged skin. Tea Tree oil is almost known as a cure all in herbal medicine, its properties seem to indicate it to be antiviral, antifungal, and antiseptic. So having a bottle of this around could end up coming in handy for more than one use. It’s another cheap supplement found in almost any supplement or vitamin store.

Chamomile oil is often used to soothe the skin. You can find it by itself or in many natural creams designed to be used for eczema or rosacea. A moderate percentage of people who suffer from rosacea also have mild dermatitis, considering eczema is a form of dermatitis, these creams can be useful to you also. Virgin coconut oil can also be used to help treat eczema. Your body will convert it to monolaurin which has been shown to help treat various viruses and bacteria. Zinc has been shown to be helpful in treating eczema. This mineral is also useful in your body’s own natural hormone production and helps strengthen the immune system.

These are all a great home remedies for eczema. Consuming bacteria such as probiotics can be very helpful for strengthening your overall immune system. Taking probiotics can be especially healthy if you are frequently put on antibiotics for your eczema, because antibiotics actually kill some of the healthy bacteria. A lot of sicknesses occur because of bacteria in your gut.

eczema cures


Eczema Remedies

Hydration in general will help keep your skin from getting as dry. If you are taking long hot showers three times a day and not drinking much water you are only aggravating the problems. Be careful not to use harsh soaps, aftershaves, etc. Trying to keep stress as low as possible will help. But that’s obviously easier said than done. Oatmeal has various benefits to your skins health. So anytime you can find soap or cleansers containing oatmeal it’s a good idea to use them versus traditional artificial soaps that are generally harsher. Eating oatmeal has its benefits for your skin also. The fiber in oatmeal is good for you to consume because it helps your digestion which can help flush out Candida which has been correlated with causing eczema to flare up.

Witch hazel can be used to help with the itching. Epsom salt baths can help rid your skin of the excess dry skin. The Epsom salt helps remove unwanted acids out of your skin, but you cannot substitute other salts for Epsom Salt. They will make your eczema worse.

Another good treatment for eczema is to keep a food log and track what you eat every day, and then record when your eczema flares up. This way you can start to pinpoint what exactly is causing your reactions and begin to alter your diet to avoid any future problems with eczema. This is a lifestyle change that will help you avoid a lot of pain and frustration in the long run.

Those are just a few ideas. Anytime that you go to the doctor and get some corticosteroids or antibiotics you aren’t really curing the problem, you are just temporarily prolonging it. Plus the cost of going to the doctor and getting prescriptions can really start to add up after awhile. You have to figure out ways to avoid inflammation and strengthen your overall immune system. If you have a sub-par immune system, you could eventually have more problems and end up needing an eczema natural treatment again. If you're not sure you have this condition you can easily check out pictures of eczema.